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Carbon Back Sticker for apple iPhone

Carbon Back Sticker for apple iPhone

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  • Perfect Carbon Transparent Film
  • 0..2mm thin Sticker
  • Protects your phone from scratches and dust.
  • Compatible with apple Mobiles.
  • Easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue.
  • High-quality carbon sticker for long-lasting protection.

සදහටම Phone එක Brand New වගෙ තියාගන්න.. කවර් එකක් දාන්න කලින් අනිවාර්යෙන්ම මේ Carbon Sticker එක අලවන්න. එතකොට අයෙ විකුනනකොට උනත් Phone එක ගත්ත අලුත වගෙ තියෙයි...

 Enhance your device with our Carbon Back Sticker. Boost the appearance with ease and make it stand out from the rest. No mess, no fuss, just a simple application to elevate your style. Upgrade your Phone today!


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